The inspiration for the name 'Green House' came from the architecture of our beautiful & unique building; a soaring pitched glass roof over an industrial metal frame. Once a Gallery of 7 empty shops. It is now a vibrant, open-plan trading venue, which many visitors refer to as an 'Aladdin's Cave, full of Vintage Retro Antique & Contemporary Homewares and Collectables. We also restore and upcycle many of our pieces.

We rent table space to local people, to sell crafts and used goods. We see this local exchange of goods as a crucial part of reducing our energy consumption and local landfill capacity.  Local charities are given space free of charge to raise funds.

We have held numerous events including a CAMRA Beer Festival which attracted many thousands of visitors to Letchworth.  We also feel it is important to be an active part of our local community and support other new start-up businesses in their endeavor to succeed.

We are an organic organisation in the extreme and always ready to take on board, fresh ideas and new concepts.  We welcome volunteers and people looking for work experience opportunities in retail or furniture restoration.

The Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation have provided a wonderful, unique, undercover, open-air venue for Letchworth and have been very supportive in our work.